Utriai Residence

Utriai Residence


Where: Klaipeda, Western Lithuania

Year of completion :   2006


Architect: Architectural Bureau G.Natkevicius & Partners


Structural consultant : V.P.Ciras


Utriai Residence is a contemporary family home located Klaipeda, Lithuania. The architectural bureau Natkevicius & Partners built this conceptualized residence for a young family of three, set in the beautiful lush of  Minija valley. This unusual form of structure consists of wood, glass, reinforced concrete and a 15 m long steel frame slightly rising up into the air forming a cantilever projection , sheltering two cars beneath it. The interior is simple, open and spacious, with soft and neutral tones and a lovely view of the valley, while the sky is reflecting from the large windows.  

Let’s meet next month with new structure!!!

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