The Shell House


                                                                                  The Shell House





Where : Isla Mujeres, Mexico


Year of completion : 2007

Architect:   Eduardo Ocampo




             The Shell house is amongst the most artistically creative houses in the world and is  inspired by the numerous shells found all along the beaches of Isla                 

             Mujeres,  Mexico. Shell House is actually made up of two connected buildings, the taller one, which  was completed first, resembles a conch shell – not                   

              only on the outside but the  inside as well. The smaller sea snail building was added on to provide a   second bedroom and custom  bathroom.                                   

              The ensemble was built using traditional concrete, plaster, sea shells, coral, as   well as recycled and found materials from around the island. Doors,                         

              windows, and  even furniture are all artistic custom creations. The main room has no corners – it is round. The beds lie under conical ceilings, the                               

               bathrooms have unique shell fixtures, and everywhere you look you see shells.

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