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                                      MODE GAKUEN SPIRAL TOWER








Where                                       Nagoya, Japan

Completion                             2008

Main contractor                    Obayashi Corporation

Architects                              Nikken Sekkei

Structural consultant         Nikken Sekkei

Description :

The unique design of the three wings of the tower, twisted in helical form, appear to change shape when viewed from different angles, giving an elegant yet dynamic impression.The Spiral Towers achieve high seismic capacity through a strong inner truss tube and two vibration damping systems that self-adjust and sway against the movement of the building according to its natural period.

Double-glazed windows and air-flow windows are employed to reduce heat loads created by the sun around the perimeter zone. A District Heating System is tapped into for both heating and cooling, with the facility located on the near east side of Nagoya Station. Even though the tower is spiral shaped, the structure allows the energy supply to be distributed efficiently and is enhanced through the use of strategically placed inner tubes located in the center core. This concept improves overall energy usage and upgradeability.

The building houses three vocational schools; Mode-Gakuen for fashion, HAL for information technology and design, and ISEN for medicine and welfare.








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