Norddeutsche Landesbank

Norddeutsche Landesbank


Where: Hanover, Germany

Year of completion :   2002

 Designed by:  Mr Gunther Behnisch,  Behnisch Architekten



The Norddeutsche Landesbank is one of the largest commercial banks in Germany.

The building measures a total of 40,000 square metres and provides office space for a staff of about 1,500. It starts out as a regular platform, from which a seventeen-storey building rises about seventy metres into the air, divided into horizontal blocks set at different angles. 

From the exterior it resembles the traditional city block, whilst at its centre, protected from the noise of the heavily trafficked streets, lies the heart of the complex, a large, public courtyard. The expressive form of the tower refers neither to the styles of the immediate surroundings, nor to the orthogonal grid of the post-war city; instead it is a response to the historical downtown geometries to the north.


Let’s meet next month with new structure!!!

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