Nanpu Bridge

Nanpu Bridge


Where: Shanghai, China

Year of completion :   1991


Architect: Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute, Tongi Architectural Design and Research Institute & Shanghai Urban Construction College.


Main contractor Shanghai Huangpujiang Bridge Engineering Construction  

Consultant Engineer: Buckland & Taylor Ltd.


The Nanpu Bridge is the longest cabled-stayed bridge in the world with an overall span of 8,346 m. The main bridge is 846 m (925 yards) and the total length of the elevated circular approaches is 7500 m (8,202 yards) with 423 m (462 yards) for the span. With a bridge height of 46 m (50 yards) over the water, ships of up to 55 thousand tons are able to successfully navigate below the bridge.

The main bridge is a cable-stayed bridge with two main towers and double cable planes. The towers stand on each bank and are built of reinforced concrete, 150 m (492 feet) high, and resembling the letter ‘H’. Each side of the bridge has 22 pairs of steel cable linking the girder cable plane, which look like 2 fans from a distance.

The main bridge is a composite structure of steel and concrete. The lower layer of the bridge deck is made of a large 'beam' frame while the upper layer is reinforced with concrete. The steel deck and the bridge surface were welded with electronic welding, and concrete was poured into the junction.

Let’s meet next month with new structure!!!

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