Folkart Towers

                                                            Folkart Towers           



Where – Izmir,Turkey.

Year of completion : 2014.

Architect:  Yagcioglu Architecture

Developer: Folkart Construction

Main contractor: Beijing Construction Engineering Group

Description -  The twin towers have an interesting and unusual shape at its base and middle sections. Reaching a structural height of 200 m (656 ft) above ground level, they are the tallest buildings in ─░zmir and, upon their completion, they were the 5th tallest twin towers in Europe.The construction of the towers began in 2011 and in April 2013. They surpassed Hilton ─░zmir to become the tallest buildings in Izmir. It is a mixed used real estate development project which has over a 27.000 m2 area of land. It houses shopping centers, sports complexes, offices and luxury residences. In February 2015, the largest art gallery in Turkey was opened in the towers. The gallery has an area of 800 m2. 


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